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Jidori 'Chicken and Waffle' Wings Recipe

Recipe from: John-Carlos Kuramoto, executive chef of Michael's Santa Monica


  • 6 ea jidori chicken wings
  • G of Canola Oil (for deep-frying)
  • C Maple Syrup, Grade A Pure Maple Syrup
  • Chile Salt (4 Chile Arbols, 1 C Kosher Salt - Toast the chile arbols in a pan until fragrant, mix with the salt and grind in a blender, strain through a fine mesh strainer)
  • Tempura Batter (1 C corn starch, 1 C ap flour, 1 C Sparkling water [Ice cold])


  1. In a bowl, add tempura batter to chicken wings. Coat well.
  2. Deep-fry at 350 degrees, for 6 minutes or until golden brown and wings float to the top of the oil.
  3. Transfer wings to a metal bowl.
  4. Add maple syrup to coat.
  5. Add chile salt.
  6. Taste and adjust seasonings upon preference.

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