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Rabbit caught on tape eating Christmas lights

Friday, December 17, 2010

A Colorado man set up a camera to see who was cutting his Christmas lights every year, and he discovered the culprits were rabbits.

Every year, Barry Miller puts up 45 strands of holiday lights at his home near Denver, and every year, they got cut in exactly the same place.

This year, Miller said enough was enough, and he put up a camera and hooked up his lights to a motion detector.

Miller couldn't believe who he caught in the act. Miller thought he was going to catch a neighbor doing it, but instead a rabbit was seen on tape biting the holiday lights.

"I was so excited because they were cut in broad daylight. Then we looked at the tape, I was so disappointed," Miller said.

He said he's thinking about ways to keep the rabbit away so it doesn't take away any more of his Christmas cheer.

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