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'Nomorobo' hangs up on robocalls for you

Tuesday, October 01, 2013

If you have ever been bothered by one of those pesky automated phone calls, relief is on the way. It's a system called Nomorobo.

Many Americans turn to the National Do Not Call registry to ward off telemarketers. But many of us are still getting bombarded with robocalls on our home phones.

"When you have about five or six calls a day, it becomes a nuisance after awhile," said Arsen Altounian of Rosemead.

Now, a software programmer has come up with a free online service that will hang up on those automated calls before you pick up the phone. Aaron Foss says Nomorobo is like a spam detector for your phone.

"It uses a part of the telephone system called simultaneous ringing," said Foss.

Once you sign up for the service, when a robocall comes in, Nomorobo will tag it as a robocall when it first rings the phone. The system will then hang up on the call before you get the second ring.

Nomorobo will allow automated calls for emergency broadcasts, school closings, amber alerts, doctors and weather advisories.

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