'Dancing' professional injured at finale

Friday, November 30, 2007

It was a scary moment Tuesday night for the cast and crew following the finale of 'Dancing With the Stars'.

Professional dancer Mark Ballas was quickly swept from the set and rushed to the hospital for a severe shoulder injury.

He had returned to do the Cha-Cha with former contestant Sabrina Bryan. "I just hope he is okay now, I am going to go rush to him so he knows that I am supporting him."

Sabrina Bryan and Mark Ballas returned to the dance floor one last time and the crowd went wild for their Cha-Cha. But soon after an ambulance appeared in the parking lot because of the dancer's shoulder injury.

"Mark Ballas was in serious pain and went right to the hospital. I couldn't believe that he was actually dancing because he has had his arm in a sling leading up to this," said soap star Cameron Mathison.

At one point during the dance you could tell something happened causing Ballas to stop using his left arm.

"He said something about sewing the muscle back on, maybe it was torn or something. I am not sure. He did say something about surgery and stapling the muscle back, so it must be some sort of torn something," said Mathison.

"I have seen our basketball players do it all the time so I was trying to calm him down. He had a torn labrum and it is really painful, but I think he'll be okay. All the drama something had to happen tonight," said Mavericks owner Mark Cuban.

And according to professional dancer Cheryl Burke, Ballas had re-injured his shoulder during rehearsals the day before.

"I think it happened last night when Sabrina and him were practicing. He just woke up and danced again which he probably shouldn't of danced and hurt it even more and it just got really, really got bad," said Burke.

Mark Ballas had to skip the wrap party, but for Marie Osmond who placed third, Melanie Brown who placed second and Helio Castroneves who took home the trophy it was still a night to celebrate.

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