Kevin Costner hopes technology will prevent oil disasters

Saturday, April 23, 2011
Actor Kevin Costner is shown in a scene from the movie, Rumor Has It.

Actor Kevin Costner is shown in a scene from the movie, 'Rumor Has It.' (Photo courtesy of Warner Bros. Pictures)

Kevin Costner is back in the Gulf Coast, a year after the BP oil spill tragedy.

The actor is teaming up with a Louisiana barge builder, hoping to help prevent another oil disaster.

Costner brought a machine to Louisiana during the BP cleanup that separates oil from water.

He has now put the machines, made by his company, onto barges.

"These barges work as a last line of defense. So in the scheme of things, the fleet I think that is important to the Gulf would be eight of the barges, four of the large ones, four of the small ones, and 15 of these. We've designed these for the parishes," Costner said.

The actor said he hopes to lease the barges to local governments with the big oil companies picking up the tab.

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