'Monsters University' debuts at No. 1 with $82M

Sunday, June 23, 2013
A still image from the 2013 animated film, Monsters University.

A still image from the 2013 animated film, 'Monsters University.' (Pixar Animation Studios / Walt Disney Pictures)

In the world of movies, monsters turned out to be stronger than Superman and zombies.

Disney-Pixar's "Monsters University" scared up huge numbers at the box office this weekend.

According to studio estimates Sunday, the film raked in $82 million in its debut weekend, beating out swarming zombies in "World War Z" and Superman himself in "Man of Steel."

"World War Z" starring Brad Pitt took in $66 million, coming in second place.

The retelling of Superman's backstory earned $41.2 million.

The Sony comedy "This Is the End," which stars Seth Rogen, James Franco and Jonah Hill as versions of themselves trapped in a mansion during the apocalypse, finished in fourth place.

"Now You See Me" rounded out the top five.

1. "Monsters University," $82 million ($54.5 million international).

2. "World War Z," $66 million ($45.8 million international).

3. "Man of Steel," $41.2 million ($89 million international).

4. "This Is the End," $13 million.

5. "Now You See Me," $7.87 million ($6.6 million international).

6. "Fast & Furious 6," $4.7 million ($11.2 million international).

7. "The Internship," $3.43 million ($3.2 million international).

.8. "The Purge," $3.41 million ($1.1 million international).

9. "Star Trek: Into Darkness," $3 million ($4.9 million international).

10. "Iron Man 3," $2.2 million ($400,000 international).

The Associated Press contributed to this report.

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