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'Scarface' turns 28; coming to Blu-ray

Tuesday, August 23, 2011

The movie "Scarface" is now 28 years old. First released in 1983, it's back in a new way: Blu-ray.

In the epic crime drama, Al Pacino goes from Cuban refugee to drug cartel kingpin Tony Montana.

It's a 1983 remake of 1932's "Scarface."

"I was inspired, and when you get inspired, it's a good thing. You remember it. I went and called (producer) Marty Bregman and said, 'Listen, this movie. I just want to remake it and imitate Paul Muni. That's all I want to do,'" Pacino said.

A party Tuesday for the Blu-ray release was decorated in "Scarface" chic, complete with Cuban food - lots of it.

Also on display was the "Scarface" limited edition humidor box set, which will set buyers back $1,000.

"Scarface" was directed by Brian De Palma and written by Oliver Stone, an unlikely combination.

"Together they sort of are the opposite," Pacino said. "They just didn't clash. For some reason, it worked."

The Blu-ray version will be available Sept. 6 with plenty of extras.

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