Wife, Stepdaughter Sue Christian Brando

Thursday, December 29, 2005

Christian Brando, a son of the late actor Marlon Brando, was sued by his wife and stepdaughter today, who alleged his repeated acts of physical, emotional and sexual abuse violated their civil rights.

Deborah Brando and her 13-year-old daughter filed a lawsuit against Brando in Los Angeles Superior Court for violation of civil rights, assault, battery, domestic violence and intentional and negligent infliction of emotional distress. They are seeking unspecified damages.

Brando could not be reached for comment.

Brando and his wife met in 1990 through a mutual friend. That year, Brando pleaded guilty to manslaughter for the killing of his sister's boyfriend, Dag Drollet, and spent six years in prison.

In August 2004, the two moved into the Mulholland Drive home of Marlon Brando, who had died the previous month. On October 16, 2004, the two were married in Las Vegas.

According to court papers, "(Brando) began a pattern of domestic violence, sexual abuse and physical assaults and batteries against Ms. Brando and her daughter. Defendant repeatedly struck Ms. Brando with his hands and fists and threatened to kill her in the presence of her daughter."

In the lawsuit, Deborah Brando claimed her husband routinely beat her and forced her to have sexual intercourse.

In one instance, Brando asked his wife to register a gun in her name because he was a convicted felon and could not posses a gun. Another time, Brando told his wife he "was having a difficult time coping with the death of his father and that he hated his father. He wished that his father was still alive so that he could kill his father," according to court papers.

In the lawsuit, Deborah Brando claimed that on Christmas Day last year a drunken Brando violently kicked her legs, arms and stomach.

The next day, she sought medical treatment, at which time her physician contacted the police.

On Jan. 10, Brando was charged with two counts of spousal abuse. Later that month, he pleaded guilty and was sentenced to two months of drug and alcohol rehabilitation, a spousal abuse program and three years probation.

Brando most recently gained attention as a witness in the Robert Blake civil trial. Brando had previously had a relationship with Blake's late wife, Bonny Lee Bakley.

Bakley claimed Brando was the father of her daughter Rose until DNA tests proved Blake was the child's father.

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