Lawsuit Claims Pinkberry Isn't Really Yogurt

Thursday, May 10, 2007

Pinkberry has lots of fans -- there is often a long line at the stores. But now there is controversy, and even a lawsuit, over whether or not it's really frozen yogurt.

For a company that's only been around two years, Pinkberry has figured out how to make frozen yogurt a hot item. Now the company is catching some heat over what's in its yogurt -- or more specifically, what isn't.

It's neither pink, nor a berry. And now critics say Pinkberry frozen yogurt isn't even yogurt.

Name unknown, Pinkberry customer: "Really? What is it?"

Jamin Katz, manager: "It is yogurt. It's made with non-fat yogurt. It's healthy for you."

Name unknown, Pinkberry customer: "I don't really care actually."

She may not care, but the California Department of Food and Agriculture does.

Steve Lyle, CA Dept. of Food and Agriculture: "The fundamental issue we have with Pinkberry is they manufacture the product on premises."

You see, Pinkberry's super secret ingredients are prepared at each of the companies 18 stores, not at a state licensed dairy facility. And that is a "fro-yo" no-no.

Even if the yogurt at the stores is fat free, Pinkberry is being hit with a big fat lawsuit.

Bryan Williams of L.A. says there's no "yo" in their "fro-yo." Williams' lawsuit says Pinkberry's catchy jingle and signage claim its healthy, but that the frozen treats don't have the bacterial cultures that make yogurt good for you.

Jamin Katz: "It's made from real yogurt. I can tell you that right now."

Yogurt or not, Pinkberry's die-hard fans just want mo-gurt.

Name unknown, Pinkberry customer: "As long as no children are hurt in the making of this yogurt, I'll still come."

Name unknown, Pinkberry customer: "Yogurt, Frozen yogurt, ice cream. You know, it's all the same, pretty much."

The food and agriculture people say they're working with Pinkberry to solve the yogurt controversy.

Who would have guessed that a lack of culture would be the root of a controversy in L.A.?

One of the attorneys who is representing Bryan Williams told ABC7 that her client isn't interested in making any money off of the lawsuit. He simply wants Pinkberry to change its logo, change its signs, and be honest with its customers.

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