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Protesters call on Dodgers to join AZ boycott

Monday, May 31, 2010

Protesters want more than Arizona's illegal-immigration law tossed out. They're calling on the Dodgers and all of Major League Baseball to take action against the state.

Sporting events are known for drawing crowds, but a group of 50 demonstrators congregating near Dodger Stadium Monday were there for a political purpose.

"We're here to denounce the Arizona Diamonbacks organization and to get the attention of Dodger fans," said John Morales, the president of the group, Boycott Arizona Los Angeles Committee. He organized Monday's demonstration.

Morales says his point wasn't to keep Dodger fans from enjoying Monday's game. He says the demonstration is aimed at educating the public.

"We're in support of the general boycott of Arizona, but specifically for this game, we're not asking Dodger fans to turn away," said Morales.

Others at the protest want the Dodgers to stop doing business with the state of Arizona.

"We're here to ask the Dodgers not to do spring training in Arizona where they're planning on doing spring training and to boycott everything else that has to do with Arizona until SB1070 is overturned," said protester Julia Wallace.

Arizona's controversial new immigration law won't go into effect until next month, but several groups, including the city of Los Angeles, have called for a boycott of the state, claiming the new law is tantamount to racial profiling.

Other local groups have organized 'buy-cotts' in support of Arizona, but the Boycott Arizona Los Angeles Committee wanted Dodger fans to know how they felt.

"There's 162 games all year long, so you can be a Dodgers fan and go to the games where they're not playing Arizona," said protester Randy Chiles.

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