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Motivational speaker's wheelchair destroyed in bus crash

Tuesday, October 22, 2013

Arthur Renowitzky inspires kids across California with motivational speeches, but he can't even make it to any of them right now because his wheelchair was destroyed.

"Those are my legs, so it really hit me at the time that, you know, what am I going to do now?" said Renowitzky.

In 2007, Renowitzky was paralyzed by a gunman's shots during a robbery attempt. During his long recovery, he began rapping about overcoming adversity.

He's gotten so strong, he's even playing semi-pro wheelchair basketball. He founded the Life Goes On Foundation, teaching kids about the dangers of gun violence.

Recently, he was in town to speak at a UCLA conference. After the speech, he hiked up Runyon Canyon.

Later that night, he wanted to see his friend Jared Magers perform at a local concert in Eagle Rock. Magers agreed to drive.

He parked in the 4300 block of York Boulevard. He grabbed Renowitzky's wheelchair from the trunk, opened up his door, prepared to put Renowitzky in the wheelchair when all of a sudden, he saw a charter bus coming straight at him.

"My friends moved out of the way. I, unfortunately, had nowhere to go really," said Magers.

Magers was trapped in between the door and the bus and had to be hospitalized.

"I'm just very happy to be alive," said Magers.

Renowitzky was OK, but his wheelchair was crushed. According to Renowitzky, the bus was white and unmarked.

The driver provided incorrect contact information, incorrect company information and incorrect insurance info. Now, Renowitzky is without his wheelchair and unable to pay for a new one.

"If I don't have my wheelchair, I can't do these speeches at juvenile halls, high schools and community events. I can't go out and exercise. I can't pretty much do anything without my wheelchair. It's like my legs," said Renowitzky.

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