Strong Santa Ana winds continue to blow, especially in the Inland Empire. It's making driving dangerous in some areas.

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For a second day, strong winds blew through the Fontana area. Truck driver Brad Tebbe was forced to pull over in order to tighten down his load. The windy conditions can be tough on drivers, especially those in larger cars and trucks.

"They have some big gusts going through there. It definitely pushed me around," said driver Dave Fallentine of Sylmar.

Mother Nature was definitely not helping the situation for landscaper Hector Vargas. He and his partner were tasked with blowing leaves out of a Fontana parking lot.

"It's difficult. It's blowing them the opposite way," Vargas said.

In some places, trees were bent over by the strong gusts. The National Weather Service said trees may topple over because the grounds are saturated from the recent rainfall.

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