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  • Rain concerns some Valley farmers
  • Farmers and others in the Ag community want the rain, but the time period in which it's falling is crucial.
ag report, storm, bees, fresno county, ag watch, stephanie stone
  • Baby Myths
  • Even doctors admit there's still a lot we need to learn about pregnancy. But before science, there was myth.
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  • Attempted 187 Suicide
  • Fresno police say Arturo Ruelas, 55, shot his girlfriend before turning the gun on himself.
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  • 140219_KFSN_6PM_CHPFatalFolo
  • A memorial service is set for two CHP officers killed in a crash while responding to an accident on Highway 99 in Kingsburg.
accident, california highway patrol, kingsburg, fresno county, local, stephanie stone
  • Mendota honey oil fire
  • Investigators want to know who was behind a honey oil explosion that landed three people in the hospital with serious burns.
crimetracker, marijuana, explosion, fresno county, mendota, local, stephanie stone
  • Madera County teen will be charged as adult in death of newborn
  • The 17 year old accused of killing her newborn baby faced a judge in what prosecutors are calling a heart-breaking case.
madera, madera county, murder, court, local, stephanie stone
  • Caregiver pay
  • A Fresno businesswoman and one time reality TV star took the stand testifying against her former employees.
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  • Sierra Snow
  • Nearly 20 inches of fresh snow mean a busy weekend for China Peak Mountain Resort. It also means that certain areas are finally able to open for the first time this season.
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  • Fresno woman fighting labor law fines
  • Stephanie Costa owns the Bedford Care Group and was once featured in the hit show "Millionaire Matchmaker."
fresno, crimetracker, lawsuit, court, fresno county, local, stephanie stone
  • Valley dentist and community leader dies from flu complications
  • Family, friends and patients are mourning the loss of 52-year-old Wayne Kodama.
h1n1, flu, fresno, fresno county, local, stephanie stone
  • Justin Rice sentenced to 96-years to life after deadly DUI crash
  • More than five years after a triple fatal accident family member say justice has finally been served.
madera county, crimetracker, dui, chukchansi gold resort & casino, madera, local, stephanie stone
  • Fresno reality TV star slapped with labor law violations
  • The state says Valley caregivers are owed more than a million dollars from their millionaire employer.
crimetracker, lawsuit, court, fresno, fresno county, local, stephanie stone
  • Braided Ramps
  • Big changes are ahead for the braided ramps project and for Valley drivers.
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  • Flu Schools
  • Twelve people in the Valley are confirmed dead from the flu. Health officials are now making changes to try and keep the virus from spreading.
fresno state, flu, h1n1, education, stephanie stone
  • Fresno federal courthouse
  • Judge Lawrence O'Neil says for the next seven days no inmates from the Fresno County jail will be taken to court.
flu, h1n1, fresno, fresno county, local, stephanie stone
  • New homes under construction in Clovis
  • For the first time in seven years Clovis has surpassed the number of housing permits issued over a 25 year average.
clovis, fresno county, local, stephanie stone
  • Dakota Eco Garden
  • A Fresno woman is single-handedly trying to change the future of the Central Valley's homeless. And some say, her unique vision is working.
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  • Fresno State student wins Clinton Global Initiative
  • A 20-year-old Fresno State student is turning his passion into reality and his idea is getting him international recognition.
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  • A second arrest was made in the stabbing death of a 31-year-old Anaheim man.
fresno county, stabbing, crimetracker, fresno, local, stephanie stone
  • Police investigate Fresno?s first homicide in 2014
  • East Central Fresno residents woke up to a crime scene on New Year's Day.
stabbing, crimetracker, fresno, fresno county, local, stephanie stone
  • Golden One Credit Union to replace bank cards
  • In the midst of the holiday shopping season banks are still trying to recover from a massive security breach at Target stores.
target, consumer, stephanie stone
  • Man charged in Elbow Room fight pleads not guilty
  • It was a common fight and it was self-defense, that's what defense attorneys are saying about a brawl outside the Elbow Room that seriously injured a Clovis man.
crimetracker, fresno northwest, fresno, local, stephanie stone
  • Valley experts give advice after 40M accounts hacked
  • Target says about 40 million shoppers across the country are now at risk after hackers broke in to the retailers checkout systems.
target, consumer, stephanie stone
  • Fresno Attorney reenacts testimony from Kai
  • Jurors heard testimony from "Kai the hitchhiker" Wednesday afternoon during the attempted murder trial of Jett McBride.
fresno, fresno county, local, stephanie stone
  • Fresno drug offenders may get choice between treatment or jail
  • Fresno Police will soon be asking certain criminals to choose whether they want to go to jail or into a treatment program.
jerry dyer, crimetracker, fresno, local, stephanie stone
  • Marathoner Fresno police officer runs down serial burglar
  • If you're running from the cops, it's probably best not to run from an officer who happens to be a marathoner.
burglary, crimetracker, fresno, fresno county, local, stephanie stone
  • Fresno police say internet cafe doubled as gambling house
  • Your odds of winning are better in Las Vegas. That's what Fresno police are saying after busting an illegal gambling operation.
fresno police department, crimetracker, fresno, fresno county, local, stephanie stone
  • SnowAndCars
  • Experts say winterizing your car should be a priority when temperatures drop.
freeze, local, stephanie stone
  • Toys for Tots
  • Dozens of volunteers are racing against the clock, trying to get thousands of toys for Fresno County children.
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  • Bulldog fans that weren't able to travel to San Jose spent the day at the Valley's most popular football hangouts.
fresno state, fresno state bulldogs, fresno state football, sports, stephanie stone
  • Hate Crime
  • A fourth student was suspended following a series of suspected hate crimes against an African American student at San Jose State University.
hate crime, crimetracker, local, stephanie stone
  • Fresno police find confidential documents at chop shop
  • Fresno Police are worried about the confidential documents they discovered in the wrong hands.
crimetracker, auto theft, fresno, fresno county, local, stephanie stone
  • Serial burglar hits Northeast Fresno businesses
  • Even police will admit they're after one creative thief. They're investigating his connection to a series of break-ins in NE Fresno.
crimetracker, burglary, fresno northeast, fresno, fresno county, local, stephanie stone
  • The Tulare County District Attorney was forced to drop some of the cases involving fallen CHP Officer Jesus Magdaleno.
visalia, tulare county, crimetracker, carjacking, local, stephanie stone
  • Fresno police step up patrols as ice rink returns
  • Thinking about hitting the ice this season? The Downtown Fresno ice rink is back! As a result, Fresno police have stepped up their patrols throughout the downtown area.
crimetracker, fresno, fresno county, fresno downtown, local, stephanie stone
  • Fresno's Police Chief says there's five reasons why there's a huge, city wide decrease in the number of stolen cars.
crimetracker, auto theft, jerry dyer, fresno, fresno county, local, stephanie stone
  • A rivalry that spans decades went too far and landed nine South Valley teens in trouble with the law.
crimetracker, robbery, visalia, tulare county, local, stephanie stone
  • Thousands gather to remember a Valley Bishop
  • Nearly 1,000 people filled a Northwest Fresno church Thursday to celebrate the life of a well-known religious leader.
fresno, fresno northwest, local, stephanie stone
  • PoliceOfficer
  • The three officers who were injured after a gun battle in Southeast Fresno walked right into a trap.
fresno southeast, fresno, officer involved shooting, fresno county, crimetracker, sex crimes, kidnapping, local, stephanie stone
  • OakhurstLodge
  • A landmark Oakhurst hotel is getting a facelift and preparing to reopen months after being nearly destroyed by fire.
oakhurst, madera county, local, stephanie stone
  • Fresno community center opens after more than 4 years
  • A building that's been vacant for more than four years is finally opening as a community center. It's off California and Elm in Southwest Fresno.
fresno, fresno county, fresno southwest, local, stephanie stone
  • Southbound 41 to be closed for road maintenance
  • Road crews are taking advantage of the perfect weather to do some serious maintenance.
fresno, traffic, local, stephanie stone
  • Fresno dog who was brutally attacked gets lots of love
  • A dog who was severely beaten by thieves is now getting attention from around the state and the country.
crimetracker, burglary, animal, fresno, local, stephanie stone
  • Drug-fueled shooting ends with murder of a 71-year-old man
  • Detectives in Merced County connect a drug fueled shootout to what they say is a brutal murder of a 71-year-old man.
crimetracker, shooting, marijuana, medical marijuana, merced, merced county, ballico, winton, local, stephanie stone
  • Dogs eye out beaten out during Fresno burglary
  • Unsuspecting burglars turned their wrath on a dog.
burglary, crimetracker, animal, fresno, local, stephanie stone
  • Nicks bar has troubled past, police say
  • Fresno police are hot on the trail of a killer. Branden Cervantez, 30, was shot and killed outside Nick's bar back in September.
crimetracker, fresno police department, murder, shooting, fresno, fresno county, local, stephanie stone
  • Fresno police address latest car theft increase
  • Fresno Police are focused on a trend they can't get rid of, one that is slowly increasing and leaving cops in Fresno to get creative.
jerry dyer, fresno police department, auto theft, crimetracker, local, stephanie stone
  • Soul Brothers gun battle spurs retaliation shootings
  • Fresno police say two more shootings were in direct retaliation for a gun battle at the Soul Brothers clubhouse.
crimetracker, shooting, gang, fresno, fresno county, calwa, local, stephanie stone
  • Team restoring power to Santa Nella residents
  • A team of people is joining forces to restore power to Santa Nella residents who have been without it for nearly two months.
santa nella, local, stephanie stone
  • Construction worker in Clovis killed in suspected DUI crash
  • We're learning more about a crash that killed a construction worker in Clovis.
clovis, fresno county, dui, accident, local, stephanie stone