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  • 041114-kfsn-430pm-animal-abuse-bulldog-rescue-vid
  • Valley animal rescuers are trying to treat a severely emaciated dog and her pups found in a backyard of a Clovis home.
animal, clovis, fresno county, local, mariana jacob
  • The Fresno Chaffee Zoo announced on Monday that the tiger "Paka" died on Saturday. He was 17 years old.
fresno, fresno central, fresno county, animal, local
  • 040414-KFSN-5PM-ChupacabraIsDead
  • An unknown animal that made headlines around the country as a possible 'chupacabra' has been euthanized.
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  • 140329_KFSN_11PM_DiscoveryCenter
  • Fresno's Discovery Center is celebrating its 60th year in the community.
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  • 140321_KFSN_5PM_ZooGiraffeKiss
  • A terminally-ill zoo worker got a goodbye kiss from a giraffe after he was taken to see the animals one last time.
animal, national/world
  • 140303_KFSN_5PM_ACTDogHelp
  • After a small dog was found nearly dead on the side of a reservoir this weekend, a local rescue organization kicked into action.
animal, storm, fresno, fresno county, good news, local, gaby rodriguez
  • FC Animal Shelter
  • The Fresno County Board of Supervisors is moving ahead with plans to build its own animal shelter.
animal, fresno, fresno county, politics, gene haagenson
  • Quiver
  • Police say they've pinpointed a juvenile suspect they believe shot a cat named Quiver through the face and body with an arrow.
animal, crimetracker, hot topics
  • The stunning and little-understood annual migration of millions of Monarch butterflies to spend the winter in Mexico is in danger of disappearing.
animal, environment
  • Hundreds of dead fish surface in Kings River fishing spot
  • Hundreds of dead fish are surfacing in a popular fishing spot in the Kings River. The dead fish began showing up earlier this week.
kings river, kings county, animal, local, rick montanez
  • Central Valley warm weather improves outdoor business
  • The unusually dry and warm weather continues to cause problems for the Ag industry, but it is giving some other Valley businesses a boost.
chaffee zoo, central valley, animal, drought, local, anthony pura
  • Last Hope Cat Kingdom in Atwater hosts adopting event
  • The Last Hope Cat Kingdom in Atwater is hosting an open house adoption event this weekend to help its animals find homes.
atwater, merced county, animal, local
  • GuyShootsDog
  • A Tulare woman says her neighbor shot her dog for barking too much.
animal, shooting, tulare, tulare county, local, jessica peres
  • Crews break ground on new Fresno Chaffee Zoo exhibit
  • Monday crews broke ground on the new African Adventure exhibit at the Fresno Chaffee Zoo.
chaffee zoo, fresno, animal, good news, local, linda mumma
  • Birds are the attraction at a Merced County refuge
  • The San Luis National Wildlife Refuge is attracting bird watchers and bird hunters from around the state.
merced county, animal, local, gene haagenson
  • Horse Neglect
  • Animal Services officers are investigating a Madera County horse owner suspect of animal neglect. It comes after some neighbors raised concerns the horses were underfed.
animal, crimetracker, madera county, coarsegold, local, anthony pura
  • Central Calif. SPCA sees more adoptions for the holidays
  • This holiday season, local animal shelters are hoping residents will open their hearts to a pet in need.
fresno, fresno county, animal, spca, local, amanda venegas
  • ClovisDeer
  • Sunday fish and wildlife officials were called to Northeast Fresno for a deer on the loose.
animal, fresno, fresno northeast, local
  • Caring Canines:Hospital dogs helping humans
  • Some of the best hospitals in the country are going to the dogs, but it's a good thing.
animal, health watch, margot kim
  • Valley animal shelters seek donations to keep dogs warm
  • With the threat of snow hitting the Valley floor early Saturday morning, animal control officers are asking for help in keeping outdoor animals warm.
animal, freeze, local, linda mumma
  • Valley deer ranch finds its niche
  • A deer sighting is often times the highlight of a trip to the mountains.
north fork, animal, local, dale yurong
  • Alternative medicines used to help pets
  • We pamper them with trips to the groomers, dress them in cute outfits, and now some pet owners are looking outside of traditional vet visits to keep their pets in the best condition possible.
animal, health watch, gaby rodriguez
  • The canines that serve and protect Merced County will now be better protected themselves.
merced, merced county, merced county sheriff department, animal, local
  • Rescued horse becomes ambassador of abused animals in the Valley
  • A once abandoned, malnourished horse has a little more pep in his step after receiving care from a local rescue organization.
animal, fresno county, reedley, local, linda mumma
  • Criminals break into Valley Animal Center twice
  • A Valley animal shelter is struggling to get by after criminals caused tens of thousands of dollars in damages twice this year.
fresno, fresno central, animal, theft, local, mariana jacob
  • Cat House on the Kings donation jar stolen from Petco
  • Authorities are looking for the thieves who broke into a Valley pet store and stole a donation jar.
theft, crimetracker, animal, fresno central, local, anthony pura
  • Fresno dog who was brutally attacked gets lots of love
  • A dog who was severely beaten by thieves is now getting attention from around the state and the country.
crimetracker, burglary, animal, fresno, local, stephanie stone
  • Dogs eye out beaten out during Fresno burglary
  • Unsuspecting burglars turned their wrath on a dog.
burglary, crimetracker, animal, fresno, local, stephanie stone
  • Fresno Chaffee opens Valley Zoo exhibit
  • Friday the Fresno Chaffee Zoo opened its newest exhibit called Valley Farm to visitors.
animal, agriculture, chaffee zoo, local, amanda venegas
  • Pet food pantry feeding Valley dogs
  • Struggling pet owners now have a place to get help with feeding their pets.
fresno county, animal, local, rick montanez
  • Fresno Chaffee Zoo gives visitors an up close experience
  • The Fresno Chaffee Zoo is giving visitors an up close experience with some of its animals.
fresno, animal, local, carlos saucedo
  • Merced police will no longer put animals down by shooting
  • The Merced Police Department announced a new policy following backlash over how it puts down severely injured animals.
animal, merced, merced county, local, rick montanez
  • Enzo the pit bull enters American Dog Magazine contest
  • Fresno pit bull Enzo has been chosen to be on the cover of American Dog Magazine.
fresno, fresno county, animal, local
  • Kern County animal shelter to relocate, debunking mass-killing rumor
  • Kern County animal shelter plans to move hundreds of animals
kern county, bakersfield, animal, state, mariana jacob
  • An extremely severe case of animal cruelty got the attention of crime scene investigators.
crimetracker, animal, fresno, fresno county, local, stephanie stone
  • The rescue of a badly abused and emaciated pit bull has touched the hearts of Action News viewers.
crimetracker, animal, fresno, fresno county, local, dale yurong
  • Carlos Xavier Marron
  • The suspect in a severe animal cruelty case is in the Fresno County Jail. And the dog he's accused of leaving for dead is on the long road to recovery.
animal, crimetracker, fresno police department, fresno, fresno county, local, rick montanez
  • First court appearance for accused Fresno dog abuser
  • The Fresno man accused of seriously neglecting his pit bull made his first court appearance Friday.
fresno, fresno county, animal, crimetracker, local, sontaya rose
  • Super Adoption and dog park grand opening is this weekend
  • This weekend, more than a dozen rescue organizations are coming together for the biggest animal adoption of the year.
animal, fresno, fresno county, fresno east central, local, amanda venegas
  • Fresno County man admits animal cruelty
  • Less than two months after starving and dead animals were seized from his property, a Fresno County man admits to animal cruelty.
animal, court, crimetracker, fresno county, fresno, local, corin hoggard
  • A federal judge ruled the needs of salmon in a Northern California river outweighed the needs of farmers in the Westlands Water District.
animal, california water, fresno, fresno county, local, gene haagenson
  • Indians protest Westlands water cuts in Fresno
  • The tribe wants an increased flow of the Trinity River to protect one of the largest salmon runs in history.
animal, california water, fresno, fresno county, local, gene haagenson
  • Romanian princess Irina Walker cockfighting arrest
  • A Romanian princess was caught on video selling alcohol and food at a cockfighting operation.
crimetracker, animal, bizarre
  • U.S. Forest Service holds meeting for concerned Valley residents
  • The U.S. Forest Service is trying to spread awareness about key issues surrounding the Sierra National Forest.
fresno county, mariposa county, tulare, madera county, animal, local, mariana jacob
  • Betsy the Grizzly Bear dies at Fresno Chaffee Zoo
  • The Fresno Chaffee Zoo said they were saddened to announce that Betsy, a female grizzly bear, was euthanized Friday morning after a recent decline in health.
fresno, fresno central, fresno county, animal, local
  • Project Survivals Cat Haven celebrates a new arrival
  • The Cat Haven received a new male lion after the other cat was put down during a recent tragedy.
animal, dunlap, fresno county, local, carlos saucedo
  • Prescription Pet: Pet Illnesses
  • We are a pet-loving nation, with one third of Americans owning at least one dog or cat and while we open our homes and our hearts to our furry friends, we're also increasingly sharing some of the same diseases, many that can be prevented
animal, health watch, margot kim
  • Owner surrenders starving Auberry horses
  • Nine horses are now with the Silverwings Horse Rescue group.
fresno county, auberry, animal, local, rick montanez
  • An investigation is underway into possible animal neglect. The Central California SPCA says it is closely watching the owner of 20 underweight horses in the Fresno County foothills.
spca, animal, local, rick montanez
  • An investigation is underway into possible animal neglect. The Central California SPCA says it is closely watching the owner of twenty underweight horses in the Fresno County foothills.
spca, animal, local