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  • Californians able to sign up for healthcare despite website glitches
  • The nationwide effort to get the Affordable Care Act going has run into a lot of technical problems.
affordable care act, california, covered california, health_care_reform, gene haagenson
  • Covered California customer service hub in Fresno
  • Action News continues our series of special reports to help you understand the Affordable Care Act.
covered california, health, stephanie stone
  • The historic overhaul of health care is about to reach its first milestone.
fresno, fresno county, fresno northeast, affordable care act, covered california, health care, health insurance, health, margot kim
  • Health care workers educate the public on the Affordable Care Act
  • On October first, thousands of people across the Valley will be able to enroll in medical coverage through the state's insurance marketplace called Covered California.
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