Northbound I-5, north of Highway 165, down to 1 lane due to an overturned big rig

Rim Fire map, information, and video

Map Updated on September 10, 2013 | Fire Information Updated on September 16, 2013
Note: Lighter areas are the most recently burned areas. Darker areas show fire growth pattern.

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Public Safety
Anyone traveling on roads within the fire area should use extreme caution as fire personnel and equipment continue to work in the area. Hazards include smoke weakened trees and snags (that may fall) and hot burning stump holes. If you must drive through the fire area please do not stop leave the roadway or enter the burned area on foot.

Road Closures
Tioga Pass Road (Hwy 120) is open across Yosemite National Park. For your safety visitors are not permitted to stop along the road adjacent to the fire perimeter.

Hwy 120 is open. The Big Oak Flat Road is open to Yosemite Valley. Local businesses are open and providing services (gasoline food and lodging) for travelers. Evergreen Road is open only to Evergreen Lodge. Otherwise Hetch Hetchy Road and surrounding areas and facilities remain closed. Cherry Lake Road is closed at Hwy 120. Old Yosemite and Harden Flat Roads are closed. Some secondary roads within the fire area remain closed to non-residents.

Forest Closure
Hetch Hetchy and Aspen Valley in Yosemite Park are closed to public access. Tuolumne Grove and Hodgon Meadow Campground remain closed due to the fire. Yosemite Creek and White Wolf Campgrounds and White Wolf Lodge are closed for the season. The Stanislaus National Forest issued an updated Rim Fire Area Closure (dated September 12 2013) for the Groveland and Mi-Wok Ranger Districts. Additional information is available from the Stanislaus National Forest Supervisor's Office 209-532-3671; Mi-Wok Ranger Station 209-586-3234; Summit Ranger Station 209-965-3434; and Groveland Ranger Station 209-962-7825.

Incident Overview
Fire crews will continue mop-up and patrol of fire lines with the objective of keeping fire within existing containment lines and natural barriers. Structures are no longer threatened. Fire crews will no longer work at night. The weather is expected to be similar to yesterday except winds will be less. The fire will continue to spread slowly in rocky areas within wilderness east of Cherry Lake and north of Hetch Hetchy reservoir. Suppression repair continues and repairs to-date include 42 miles of dozer line 2 miles of hand line 46 miles of chipping along roads and 14 miles of road repair.

Current Situation

Size: 256,169 acres - 84% contained

Total Personnel: 1,791

Injuries: 5

Structures Destroyed: 111 (11 residences, 97 outbuildings, 3 commercial)  

Current Weather: Wind 19 mph NE | 78 degrees | Humidity 23%

Fire Behavior
Fire behavior during the night shift hours was limited to creeping and smoldering.


Estimated containment date: September 20th

Planned Actions
Resources will continue to patrol the fire perimeter. Implementation of the Suppression Repair Plan will continue.

O-Shaughnessey and Aspen Valley continue to be closed to public access due to a lack of power and ongoing mitigations of hazards caused by the fire. Progress is being made to mitigate these hazards and restore power. Small contingents of employees from Hetch Hetchy Power and Water have been allowed back into Mather, Cherry Campground, and Early Intake. The pockets of unburned fuel within the perimeter of the fire area continue to consume. The Hodgdon Meadow Campground, Hodgdon Meadow residential area, Carlon Falls Trailhead, Merced Grove, Tuolumne Grove, the Crane Flat Lookout, and wilderness areas remain closed. The Big Oak Road is open from Crane Flat to Yosemite Valley. Facilities and areas along the Tioga Road west of Lukens Lake Trailhead are closed, including Tamarack Flat, White Wolf and Yosemite Creek Campgrounds, and White Wolf Lodge. Evergreen Road has been opened to Evergreen Lodge, but remains closed from there on. Old Yosemite Road, Harden, and the Cherry Creek Road remain closed. A forest closure order is in effect for locations within and proximate to the fire area. Resources continue to monitor the fire as it slowly spreads northeast further into the Yosemite Wilderness in areas east and northeast of Lake Eleanor where fuels are limited and large natural rock barriers are abundant. Damage assessments of destroyed or damaged structures, infrastructure, and developments interior of the containment lines continues. Fire Suppression Repair completed to date: 42 miles of dozer line; 2 miles of handline; 46 miles of chipping along roads; and 14 miles of road repair.