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David is a 46 year old banking executive in Fresno. Dave puts in a lot of hours at work and finds it increasingly harder to fit in time to work out.  When Dave does have a free moment, it’s usually spent outdoors playing basketball and tennis.

Rhonda says David is the perfect weight training candidate for the Four Weeks to Fitness Challenge. David’s motto of working hard and playing hard should serve him well both in the office and at the gym with Rhonda.

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Thanksgiving is an extreme challenge when it comes to meeting weight loss goals. I can tell you right now that  I completely blew it and ate quite a bit.  However, today is a new day ad I will work out this afternoon and not drink or eat this weekend. I still plan on 15 pounds by end of years and will let you know of my progress. Today is a new day and the first day of the rest of my losing weight life. 


Well it’s been a little longer than I would have liked since my last blog.  I have been out of town almost the entire time.  Excuses, excuses, right? 

I have been staying in smaller hotels and haven’t had access to gyms.  So, I’ve been focusing more on my diet and squeezing in workouts when I can.  I haven’t gained any weight.  But, I’m sure I didn’t lose much either.  It’s hard when you’re on the road and out of a routine.  I am going to spend the rest of this week extremely focused and exercise daily and see how the results turn out.

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Typical... Every day brings the unexpected schedule and “fires” to be put out.  This makes my work-outs even more difficult to stick to.  However, I am staying focused and doing the best I can to make this a lifestyle change.

Monday I was in my Fresno office squeezing a week into 1 day because I had to leave for the Bay area later on in the day.  Diet is key on this day.

Tuesday I got up at 5:30 am and worked out before my business day began.  It felt great to get a work out in and I felt more energized throughout the day.  Went to dinner and was in bed early.

Wednesday came the unexpected again. Wasn’t able to work out and now I feel a bit depressed because I want to find some consistency with my workout and diet. So, I made it a point to eat well during my trip back into Fresno.

Exhausted but not defeated.  Thursday evening I pack again for a trip out of town for 5 days.  This should be a challenge.

Overall I have lost some weight and my stomach feels thinner.  Diet has been the key and the difficultly of the work outs has made me feel like I am in better shape in just one week


The week has been hectic. Rhonda trained me on Tuesday and Wednesday and she worked me hard! I was sore and began eating better. I was travelling on Thursday and Friday and wasn't able to work out either day. However, even while travelling I maintained my diet. Eating less, eating slower and more green veggies, protein and less carbs -- NO ALCHOHOL. I can already feel the results as my stomach is flatter, I feel more energy and am more excited to work out. I am staying off the scale and will let Rhonda track that part of my progress.

Saturday I worked out for the first time since Wednesday and it was a gruesome workout - sweat, sore and tired. However, I feel fantastic that I completed it and stuck to my plan. I've been documenting my diet and workout and it really helps me see how my day was broken down -- opens my eyes to how I am actually doing things -- not just my perception. I seem to be sleeping better as well???

Sunday I work out and ate great and am ready for the week. I will be travelling Monday-Wednesday. However, I plan on working out in the hotel gym Tuesday and Wednesday morning and sticking to my diet.

Day 1  - 11/2/11

I'm little sore from meeting and working out with Rhonda on Tues night and Wed morn.  However, already feel more energy and motivation.