Safe, Affordable, Low Income Housing Success in Fresno

Friday, July 20, 2007

For low income parents finding affordable and safe housing in Fresno can be tough in Fresno. But an agreement struck two years ago by the city and a private developer has changed that picture in one area of southwest Fresno.

Welcome to Geneva Village, a gated, secure apartment complex with amenities you might not expect to find in this area of Fresno. This is also a complex exclusively built for very-low to low income families like this young mother .

Nineteen year old Nicole Rendon and her son, Alex, will soon welcome a new member to their family. So when her mother, Velma Falcon heard about Geneva Village and it's low rents she brought her daughter in to see if she could qualify.

Nicole Rendon's mother, Velma Falcon, says, "She's gonna be safe and her kids are gonna be in a better environment and everything is gonna be ... I'm excited for her... I'm gonna cry."

The level of rent paid by residents here is based on income limits. Nicole now lives in southeast Fresno in a rundown one bedroom apartment in a six unit building. She pays nearly $450 a month in rent for it.

Brittani Garcia, Geneva Village Leasing Agent, says, "You can tell they're struggling...they need a place to live, a place that's safe. A place they can call home. Which is what we offer here. It's a gated community and we do have security."

The leasing staff expects Nicole to be eligible for a three bedroom apartment here and pay $538 a month.

In January of 2005, the City of Fresno agreed to invest $1.5M in the 139 unit project. That qualified its owner for $1M in tax credits. The payoff say city housing officials is a healthy, safe, affordable place for families to thrive and this low income family is grateful for the opportunity.

Nicole Rendon says, "They did something good for the low income families. That's nice, that is something good they did with the money."

Every unit is also wired for free internet. There are two pools, a rec and computer room, six play areas for kids, and folks are lining up to apply to live there. For more information about renting at Geneva Village, contact Margo Chavarria or Anna Dominguez at (559) 268-4092 or (559) 268-5700. You can also find more on the web by visiting, Barker Management.

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