Chaperone tricks kids into eating moose poop

Friday, June 08, 2012

Parents at a school in Canada are furious after learning about a dangerous practical joke played on two students.

The mother of a 13-year-old at a junior high school says her son and one of his classmates were offered chocolate covered almonds by a chaperone on the trip. She says after he took a bite, someone told him he in fact ate moose droppings, and everyone laughed at him: including a school principal and a teacher.

Karen Eyolfson said, "How then can the kids return to the school having the same leadership, the same counselor, the same homeroom teacher? If somebody is bullying them about the issue, then who are they going to go to, the ones that actually did the bullying?"

Since the incident happened, Cole has been put on antibiotics by his family doctor due to concerns of bacteria in the feces he ate, and in the lake water the boy used to wash his mouth out.

A school board meeting will be held later this month to discuss the incident. Until then, Cole's mother says she needs more than an apology from the adults involved, in order to move on.

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