War Protestors Camp Out At Pelosi's S.F. Home

Monday, March 12, 2007

Several war protestors are camping out this morning in front of the San Francisco home of House Speaker Nancy Pelosi.

They're trying to convince Pelosi to spearhead legislation to cut off war funding and bring the troops home now.

Lelsie Angeline, Code Pink: "We're here to occupy her house, to show here what it feels like to be occupied."

They are calling it Camp Pelosi. Members of Code Pink are sleeping just steps away from the speaker's front door, all of them hoping she will wake-up this morning and meet their demands.

Toby, Code Pink: "What we really want is to be a leader and end this war."

Their fight began Sunday afternoon with a march from the Golden Gate Bridge to Nancy Pelosi's Pacific Heights home.

After reading the names of every California service member killed in Iraq, protesters began calling out Pelosi's name, calling for her to spearhead legislation to bring the troops home now.

Celeste Durrum, Code Pink: "We've heard a lot of talk from the Democratic party. Now, they have the power and we expect them to walk their talk."

But, house leaders insist it's not that simple, that there are deep divisions over whether to withdraw now or, as Pelosi would like, to withdraw in the next year.

House Speaker Nancy Pelosi: "It is our goal to end the war in Iraq and bring them home safely and soon. Our legislation does just that."

Congress will debate that legislation this week. Meanwhile Code Pink says it will stay encamped here as long as it takes.

Jannie Bonesparth, Code Pink: "It would be nice to wake up to better headlines."

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