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BART to open Peet's coffee shops at six stations

Wednesday, November 28, 2007

There's still going to be a ban on taking food and drink on BART trains. But, that's not going to stop Peet's coffee from popping up at stations around the Bay Area early next year.

The question is how are Peet's and BART going to co-exist? That question may need to be left to the BART police. In Daly City reaction to the opening of the Peet's coffee shop has been, to put it in coffee terms, diluted and decaffeinated.

Daly City and Pittsburg will be getting Peet's coffee shops. Four other stations will get one as well - those locations are still to be determined. Though you can't bring a cup of joe on a BART train, it's a great idea according to this coffee drinker:

"I know people need their fuel when they get up in the morning, so I'm all for it," said Conrad Negrones, Daly City.

"How about you?" asked ABC7's Terry McSweeney.

"I'm for it - I drink a lot of coffee," said Negrones.

A number of others saw it as less than exciting.

"I'm not a coffee drinker, I get coffee at work when I do drink coffee, but not usually," said Nancy Hart, South San Francisco.

"Peet's isn't doing anything for you?" asked ABC7's Terry McSweeney.

"No," said Hart.

Others found the idea flat out distasteful.

"BART is already expensive as it is - to add coffee to my daily morning commute is going to be too expensive," said Gwen Miguel, Daly City.

A lot of people were echoing that woman's sentiments. Right now about a block-and-a-half away you have a Starbucks and also near the station there is a coffee cart that's been there for 21 years - he will now be challenged to stay in business.

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