Fresno Native Living in Haiti Avoids Quake

Tuesday, January 12, 2010

A Fresno native who now calls Haiti home escaped the earthquake because of the birth of her first child. Sarah and Peterson Georges work with the ministry organization, Youth with a Mission, in Haiti.

Sarah is originally from Fresno but has lived in Haiti for the last six years. The couple's daughter, Taberah, is just days old, born in the U.S. after a last-minute decision to have the baby born here instead of Haiti. "Maybe it was the plan of God, that we finally decided to come here, because we know some people here, and also because the baby was breech, so we felt maybe we shouldn't have a c-section there," said Peterson Georges.

That decision put the couple in Fresno as the devastating earthquake shook Port Au Prince. Peterson George has been so far unable to contact his family members there and the couple doesn't know if their apartment is still standing. "We don't even have a fire department right now. I don't know ... We really need God to do a miracle. Haiti really needs a help right now," said Peterson Georges.

While the couple is glad they were able to escape danger, they are now anxious to get back to Haiti to help. Despite the devastation, their faith leaves them hopeful for the future. "My experience in Haiti has been that in any type of disaster, in any type of big event that happens, there's always a miraculous thing that happens out of it. That's been my prayers ... that something good will come out of it," said Sarah Georges.

The couple has been able to get in touch with some people outside of Port Au Prince through internet based phones and Facebook. They hope to return to Haiti in six weeks after baby Taberah gets her passport.

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