Valley Religious Help Haiti Victims

Sunday, January 17, 2010

The religious community in the Valley was called to action to help victims in Haiti Sunday.

Thousands of members of the church decided to give a little extra to the collections basket.

All donations made Sunday at St. John's Cathedral in Downtown Fresno will go to earthquake relief efforts in Haiti.

In fact collections at all 88 catholic parishes in the Valley will benefit those affected by Tuesday's disaster.

"We know with the tsunami, now this is the earthquake and we try to help in some way with our prayers and with our money," said Father Guillermo Brecido.

Fresno's Yolenda White: "It brings me to tears especially when I see little babies that can't defend themselves that are starving."

Fresno's Francisco Mejia said: "With all of us coming together I think we can make some good happen out of this. We learn, we can learn. This is a learning process for all of us."

Bruce Kinabrew took some time to throw the ball with his son Jonathan after services at the New Covenant Church in Northeast Fresno.

Kinabrew: "When tragedy hits a poor nation it's an even bigger tragedy. Obviously we need to send money and aid to that area but we also need to lift them up in prayer."

Mission work in Haiti is not new to people at New Covenant, in fact a group was already planning a trip in February.

"Instead of canceling or delaying if we're able to get in and if the airlines are flying and we can get ourselves there and if we can get equipment and a mission that benefits people then we're ready to go," said Mission Leader Jeff Ashlock who believes this recent devastation will lure more people out to help on this trip.

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