Clovis Man Travels to Haiti to Find his Family

Monday, January 18, 2010

Haitian officials say about 70,000 bodies have been recovered so far after the earthquake there last week. A young Clovis man was relieved to discover his two sisters in Port-Au-Prince are still alive.

22- year old Roland Hendrix just returned from Haiti this afternoon.

That while Hendrix knows his sisters survived the devastation; he's still trying to come to terms with what's happening in the country where he was born.

Roland Hendrix was just eight-years-old when a single man from Clovis came to Haiti to visit. That man was Edwin Hendrix.

"I went to visit the orphanage without any idea of adopting. But when I went there and met Roland, I started thinking about it; so it ended up adopting him, and he came in 1995 when he was eight years old," said Edwin Hendrix, Roland's father.

The last four days, Edwin Hendrix has been waiting anxiously for updates from his son, Roland. Roland flew to Haiti last Thursday after failing to contact his sisters who still live there.

"He decided to go and find them. When the earthquake happened he couldn't get through to them and he wanted to make sure they were okay," said Edwin Hendrix.

Monday afternoon Roland returned to Fresno knowing firsthand his sisters were okay. Roland found his sisters amid the rubble of the earthquake, but was forced to leave them and the devastation behind because of gunfire on the streets.

One of Roland's childhood friends promised to take care of his sisters.

Happy handshakes and hugs among family and friends quickly turned somber.

"Everything is broke down," said Roland Hendrix through tears.

There were no words, but Roland's emotions spoke volumes. His heart is breaking for his homeland. A homeland he will most likely return to before too long.

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