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Tuesday, March 09, 2010

Tuesday morning, volunteers are on street corners selling special editions of the Fresno Bee for Kids Day.

You can help the hospital that's investing in your children. Buy a special edition of the Fresno Bee for just a dollar. Or you can make a $5-dollar donation anytime by texting the word "GEORGE" to 9-0-9-9-9.

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Among them is a 5-year-old Clovis girl. She's helping the hospital that's helping her manage her aches and pains.

Today is about the kids, and the amazing stories they live to tell.

"This is really, really fun!" said Alyssa Dalleske as she rides her bike in circles.

She's the fastest 5-year-old on a Barbie bike and loves showing off her pedal power.

But when Alyssa was just 2-years-old, her parents noticed their tiny entertainer was missing a step or two. Alyssa started walking with a limp and she'd wake up stiff and swollen.

"It feeled like I got a shot," said Alyssa, "My elbows and my hands and my wrists"

She started avoiding playing outside with her friends playing inside the house she just wanted to sit and watch TV; she became very addicted to TV.

Dr. Dowain Wright at Children's Hospital delivered a stunning diagnosis: Alyssa had juvenile arthritis.

"I was blown away, little girls 3 years old don't have arthritis that's for people in their 80's," said Alyssa's mother Lynn Dalleske.

Dr. Wright said the condition causing inflammation of the joints is actually common, affecting 1 in 1,000 children. But it's different than the kind associated with older adults.

"There's elderly arthritis which is wear and tear osteoarthritis, but Inflammatory Arthritis like adult Reumathod Arthritis and childhood arthritis is not wear and tear it's a mistake in the immune system and attack on the joints and it can happen at any age," said Dr. Dowain Wright Pediatric Rheumatologist.

Every few months, Alyssa gets a checkup with Dr. Wright, who is just one of 300 pediatric Rheumatologists in the United States.

Her doctor treats her like his friend he directs his attention to her focuses on her. "I don't even need to be in the room. I'm just along for the ride, said Lynn.

While there is no cure, treatment with anti-inflammatory and the drug called Methotrexate is helping. Alyssa continues to dance and recently scored her first soccer goal.

The kindergartener is also the head cheerleader for Kids Day, a poster child for the hospital's big fundraiser.

"She sees this as her 15 minutes of fame as a 5-year-old. She's going around going to the half court Fresno State basketball game to cheer for Kids Day," said Alyssa's father Dave Dalleske.

A grateful little girl who knows she can't go wrong, with Dr. Wright!

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