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Sunday, April 04, 2010

Thousands of valley residents are filling out and returning their 2010 census forms every day.

According to Google's census tracking website, 50 percent of Tulare County residents have already returned their forms. But in at least one town, the process of making sure everyone is counted is taking a little longer than usual.

Just northwest of three rivers sits a town many here call sleepy, peaceful and a little piece of paradise. And with a sign that reads the town has less than 500 "souls" to its name, residents say there probably hasn't been too much growth here since the year 2000.

"There's not buildings going up unless you count the three momma and daddy bison that just had a baby a few week ago," Kevin Foster said.

Still, 2010 census employees in Tulare County are working to count the town of Kaweah and other rural communities just as accurately as the rest of the country.

Unlike more urban areas like Visalia and Fresno, the community of Kaweah takes a little more effort by Census workers to count.

"I would think so because a lot of the houses are off the road hidden by trees and it's a quite rural area," Dan Kiefer said.

"They're hard to count in that we can't send them out a questionnaire and it takes more resources and more effort and time to count them however it's not impossible," Edda Prado with the Census 2010 Visalia Office said.

Most of the people who live here in Kaweah haven't received and won't get a census questionnaire in the mail.

Instead, since most residents have a P.O. box, they'll be visited by census workers who'll help fill out the survey for them. "In areas where we don't get high response or high mail back for whatever reason we send enumerators out and what they do is they actually go out and fill out the questionnaire for the people," Prado said.

Dan Kiefer already got that visit and said it was simple. "I basically told him about how many people live in the house and that's about it," Kiefer said.

Residents in Kaweah should expect a visit from an enumerator within the next couple weeks.

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