Toddler thriving after heart stopped twice

Thursday, June 28, 2012

His parents call him a "miracle" baby - a toddler who's now faced death twice, and Logan Scott is only nineteen months old.

Action News was there when he nearly died in a local daycare swimming pool last May, and now his family spoke openly about the little boy who has an extreme will to live and the life lesson for parents.

If it were up to him, little Logan Scott would be a part of every possible activity.

These days, he rounds the bases, points like Babe Ruth, and is clearly working his way up to the Major Leagues.

But just one month ago, little Logan was at the center of this Northeast Fresno investigation.

Police called it an "unfortunate" accident. The toddler wandered into the swimming pool area at Erin William's Daycare and his dad, Josh Scott, got the call that is every parent's biggest fear.

"She says the gardener left the gate open We found Logan floating in the pool. He wasn't breathing; we're doing CPR right now," Josh said.

A caretaker pulled him to safety. When the toddler started crying, she knew her CPR training had worked. Logan's parents rushed to the hospital, wondering what to expect.

Josh said, "Now I know he's breathing, he had a pulse, but I didn't know is there brain damage, is he going to be normal, is he going to be okay still."

Marie Scott, Logan's mother, said, "It was just a mixture of a whole bunch of emotions: shock, disbelief, confusion, more too.. How did it even happen?"

They were instantly flooded with memories - memories of the last time they were in the hospital, the last time he almost died.

They knew when Marie was pregnant, that Logan's first few years would be difficult. He was born with 2 gaping holes in his heart. The only option was life-threatening surgery.

Josh said, "They completely stopped the heart and cut a hole in the bottom portion of the heart"

Josh and Marie waited for hours on end, wondering if their baby would make it through.

"The surgeon said where most kids don't come back is when they restart the heart because they have to shock the heart to restart it," Josh continued.

Logan woke up stronger than ever.

"He's our little warrior he's been through so much," Josh said.

His parents created this picture book to help Logan understand what he went through..

Right now he barely understands what's behind the scar, but even though little Logan has quite a will to live, his parents often wonder what's next.

"Him almost dying, you're like you gotta be kidding me? Open heart surgery and then falling in a pool?"

His family credits the daycare for saving his life. And while the daycare chose not to go on camera for this story, Erin Williams did say.. It's a lesson in pool safety.. A reminder that everyone should double check their backyards and take CPR training.

As for Logan, he lives his life on the edge; like the shirt they bought him right after his near drowning, he's living proof "that this is not all he's got".

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