Homes on golf course in South Kingwood Greens subdivision targeted by burglars

Thursday, January 24, 2013

Burglars are targeting upscale homes on a golf course and now residents are on guard. Police are investigating several burglaries along South Kingwood Greens near West Lake Houston Parkway. In each case, the intruders got in and out while the homeowners were away.

We're talking about half a dozen break-ins last Saturday evening. In every case, it was a house that overlooked the golf course.

When Pam Stamps and her husband bought their retirement home on the golf course, they never expected someone would use their pristine view as easy access for a burglary.

"They had to have used a golf cart. You can't drive a car up there and you're not going to walk," she said. "They weren't after TVs, computers, anything like that. They were after small stuff, jewelry, money or whatever."

The Stamps were lucky. The thieves broke their glass back door, but couldn't get in. They were among half a dozen homes hit last Saturday night. As a result, Houston police have increased patrols in the area, and the area's council member is also on alert.

"These homes are homes that have backyards that face the golf course area, so then they're looking for the master bedroom, and that's easy to spot," explained Houston City Council Member Dave Martin.

All the victims live in the Kingwood Greens subdivision. Some are recent homeowners, like Gail Kelly, who just moved in a year ago.

"It's obviously very unsettling when someone breaks into your home, just like anyone would feel," she said.

Homeowners are now organizing better neighborhood watches. Their once idyllic image of living on a golf course is shattered.

"It's disheartening, very disheartening," Stamps said. "It's frightening too in a way. It makes you aggravated, but it scares you also to think that they're just so brazen."

While many homeowners have felt safe and may not have always set home alarm systems, those systems are certainly being used vigilantly now.

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