A Fresno elementary school gets sprayed for bed bugs

Tuesday, October 15, 2013
Olmos Elementary School gets sprayed for bed bugs Steps taken to eradicate bed bugs at Olmos Elementary

A Fresno elementary school is back to work after bed bugs showed up on students and inside a classroom. Over the weekend, the campus of Olmos elementary was sprayed. Tiny bed bug parasites caused serious concern among some parents after bed bugs were discovered on students and in a classroom at Olmos Elementary School.

"That's real scary because you never know if it's contagious like that. You know it could jump from one kid to the next or throughout the whole school and contaminate the whole school," said parent Kenneth Smith.

Over the weekend, Fresno unified hired a pest control company to spray the entire school and a nearby apartment complex, where they believe the pests came from. Local exterminator bob hill has been dealing with pests for 25 years. He did not work on the school, but knows the challenges of fighting the pest.

"Because they hide and they're really, really hard to get rid of, so multiple treatments that's why it's so expensive," said Bob Hill, B&D Pest Control Owner.

Hill says besides seeing the bug there are other signs that you could be dealing with the pest.

"Getting bit by bugs, blood on the mattresses, stuff like that, don't wait get on it as fast you can," Hill said.

District officials say they feel they have been proactive, spraying down the campus and alerting students and parents. For now, they plan to monitor the situation and hope the bed bugs won't return.

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