Bulldog fans have helped set sales records during Fresno State's perfect football run. A road trip to San Jose comes next but the latest t-shirt offering won't be the must-have item this week.

Bulldog opponents aren't the only ones being left in a fog. In the rush to get the latest gear to Fresno State fans, Champion shipped a t-shirt to the Bulldog Shop which read, "The Red Wave knows it's way to San Jose."

Fresno State mass communication and journalism lecturer Bradley Hart has been known to correct grammatical errors on posters he comes across on campus. He pointed out the mistake.

Hart explained, "Okay so "its" with no apostrophe is the possessive form of its. So in the case of the shirt it's something like, "The Red Wave knows it's way to San Jose." Of course if you substitute the "his or her" there it should be the Red Wave knows his or her way to San Jose. It should be I-T-S. "It's" is only "it is" or "it has" so "it's sunny outside." "It is sunny outside" would be I -T-apostrophe-S."

Fresno State students Hannah Salafia and Alex Nottbohn were quick to spot the typo.

Nottbohn said, "Yeah it's the apostrophe. How can they not catch that? That's technically saying "The Red Wave knows it is way to San Jose."

No way. Way. Hannah Salafia added, "Oh shoot, that makes me really sad. I'm not even supposed to know that. I'm an engineering major. How embarrassing. Maybe they'll get them at a discount."

The shirt snafu makes people cringe. Hart said, "Obviously as an educational institution we'd like to use proper grammar in all of our cases. I think it would very good actually if everybody who bought that shirt took a sharpie and sort of struck out the apostrophe."

Problem solved. Perhaps Fresno State can get some sort of merchandise credit from Champion for the error.

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