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Mr. Food: Grill Baskets are Hot

Wednesday, June 16, 2010

The spotlight is on handy grill baskets for handling hard-to-flip or tender foods on our barbecue grills. Whether for yourself or for Father's Day or other gift-giving, check out our picks for easy grilling!

Who hasn't looked forward to a nice juicy burger coming off the grill or some flavorful fish or tempting fire-roasted veggies, only to wind up unable to "fish out" the pieces that fell into the fire?

We've all been there&certain foods are hard to flip or are too tender to place directly on our grill grates, and we wind up being disappointed. That's what makes grill baskets one of the hot gadgets for grilling season.

There are lots of grill basket options that work on the same principle, and many are nonstick:

  • Some are designed especially for fish fillets, and others are even the perfect shape for a whole fish. They allow us to place the fish safely on the grill surface, without burning our hands. Once they're on the grill, there's no sticking or having the fish fall apart when it's turned over. This way, the fish can cook to perfection.

  • There's even one that holds 4 burgers at a time, so it makes one-step-easy out of flipping our burgers.

  • Other baskets are the perfect shape for cooking sausage on the grill.

  • There are also multi-purpose, flexible baskets that work well for grilling small or large items.

All these baskets come in a variety of brands and price ranges. They're a perfect gift for Dad for Father's Day, so check 'em out for helping Dad cook up lots of&"OOH IT'S SO GOOD!!®"

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