Support for ABC7's Alarm Clock App for Android™

Wake up with the ABC7's Alarm Clock app! Start your day with local news headlines, live Mega Doppler HD radar, current weather conditions and traffic.

Please note: If you have trouble installing the ABC7San Francisco Alarm Clock app, please make sure that the Operating System on your Android device is updated to version 2.3 or higher.

How to check your Android OS version:

  1. From your home screen, press Menu > Settings > About Phone > Android Version

Frequently Asked Questions

Q: Why can't I move the app to my SD card?
A: The app must be installed directly on your device to ensure that the alarm goes off at the specified time.
Q: When my alarm went off, why didn't the alarm tone play?
A: Your alarm may have been set at too low a volume.  To check this, open the App, tap on the menu icon or the clock, tap on Volume, and verify the volume level.
Q: Why am I getting the alarm clock notification icon every time I set an alarm?
A: The notification appears to let you know an alarm is set. To change notifications, open the App, tap on the menu icon or the clock, Under "Weather & Appearance", tap on Appearance, then tap on the Show Nofication button.
Q: Why can't I play the forecast video on my device?
A: Your device may not have the appropriate decoding spec to enable the forecast video playback.  We are working to provide different video formats that will alow playback on most Android devices.
Q:  Why didn't my alarm go off?
A: You may not have saved your alarm, or a volume setting may be incorrect. After creating an alarm, you must complete the process by tapping the Save button. Also, make sure that the alarm is on and that the Alarm volume (this may not be the same as the Ringtone or Media volume on your device) is not muted.
Q: Why don't I see my current weather location?
A: Android requires that you manually turn on your device location services such GPS satellites or Google Location Services. To change your weather location to or from "My Current Location" open the App, tap on the menu icon or the clock, Under "Weather & Appearance", tap on Weather, then tap on the Automatic button.

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