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Debora Villalon

Debora Villalon

Debora Villalon is a general assignment reporter for ABC7 News. She has spent most of her 26 year career covering Northern California. A Bay Area native, Villalon grew up in Santa Rosa and got her television start at KFTY-TV in her hometown, while she was a broadcasting student at San Francisco State University.

A few years later, Villalon moved to Phoenix, Arizona where she was a weekend anchor and reporter for five years. Villalon then returned to the Bay Area to anchor nightly news on San Francisco's KOFY-TV20. In 1991, Villalon joined ABC7.

Villalon has covered many prominent stories, including the Ellie Nesler murder trial and the kidnapping of Polly Klaas in 1993. She anchored ABC-7's Morning News in 1997-98, and returned to reporting in 1999, providing extensive coverage of the Yosemite tourist murders, and Seattle's riots during the World Trade Organization conference. She has also specialized in HMO reform in California, and the Catholic clergy sex scandals, traveling to Dallas in 2002 to cover the National Conference of Bishops. Villalon also provided live coverage during the past two Presidential elections, traveling to Austin, Texas to cover President Bush in 2000, and Boston, MA to report on John Kerry in 2004.

Since the terror attacks of September 11, 2001, Villalon has covered military and reservist issues, including the California National Guard. She has also done many special reports with Bay Area families who lost loved ones on United Flight 93. She has traveled to the jet's crash site in Shankville, PA several times, and her series of profiles on the first anniversary of 9/11 were nominated for a Northern California Emmy Award.

Most recently, Villalon was nominated for two Emmy awards for her contributions to ABC7 Newscasts at 11 am and 6pm.

She lives in the North Bay with her husband and two children.