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Frances Dinglasan

Frances Dinglasan

As an industrial engineer at United Airlines, I never thought I would be on a morning news show! In 2002, my little sister convinced me to be on Season 2 of "The Bachelor". I didn't get an engagement ring (thank goodness!) but did get a lucky break. The day after I left "The Bachelor", Eric Thomas and Elizabeth Bermudez interviewed me on the ABC7 morning news about my experience. When I met the News Director and Assistant News Director, they told me about a traffic internship, which changed the course of my entire life.

During my first 2 years on air, I flew in Sky7HD every weekday morning to cover traffic and breaking news. I loved flying in the helicopter and you could say my office had the best view of the bay area. It was amazing to see many of the important places of my life from Sky7HD. I saw the hills of my hometown Hillsborough, my high schools in Burlingame, my college alma mater at UC Berkeley, the scenic view of Hwy 1 to UC Santa Cruz (my other alma mater) and my current hometown of San Francisco where I live with my husband and two little ones.

In 2008, I completed a Broadcasting Meteorology degree from Mississippi State University and later got an AMS Seal of Approval. So now, I love reporting both weather and traffic.

I still love flying, but these days I stick to commercial flights. I have been to over 20 countries and 6 continents (almost made it to Antarctica), and hope to travel much more when my kids are ready.

How's the traffic in your neck of the woods? Check in with me on Facebook or tweet me.

Frances keeps you up to speed with traffic in the Bay Area weekdays on ABC7 Morning News. She is also certified with an American Meteorological Society (AMS) Seal of Approval and fills in as a weather reporter.