Candidates taking political ads to new lows

Monday, October 25, 2010
Candidates taking political ads to new lows Mark Curtis talks about negative campaign ads Vote for me, Im a mother

The midterm elections are a week from Tuesday and it's crunch time for the campaigns.

A new poll shows that in one month, Jerry Brown's lead has doubled over Meg Whitman in the race for governor.

The LA Times-USC poll found that Whitman lost ground with women, Latinos and non-partisan voters in the wake of the illegal immigrant housekeeper scandal. The same poll found Senator Barbara Boxer maintained her 8-point margin over Carly Fiorina.

There are vastly different views as to exactly which direction to take the country in and thus, the battles during this election season are fierce. Actually, "fierce" doesn't quite describe the mood.

This is being called the nastiest election cycle ever. While negative ads are nothing new, that's pretty much all that candidates of both parties are airing across the country and it's a no holds barred fight.

Candidates are slamming everything from the religion of their opponents to their personal lives. They're so bad that they're hilarious. My personal favorite comes courtesy of a race in Winnepeg and charges a candidate with "kicking in the face of children."

The argument here is that these ads work and if there was no demand for them, there'd be no supply.

Question of the Day: Do dirty political ads turn you off or encourage you to vote for the candidate airing them?

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