What To Look For In Low Calorie Drinks

Tuesday, July 17, 2007

You may not know that Americans drink a quarter of their daily calories. Those trying to keep the calories down may want to be forewarned. Some drinks that sound low-cal may not be.

You would think that a sparkling grapefruit drink is low-cal. But it actually has 100 calories per serving.

So we asked consumers which tea drink was higher in calories, the 'Inko's Natural White Tea' or 'Snapple White Tea?'

Tester: "The white tea has a very sort of natural look. This looks like there is more things in it."

Wrong! The 'Inko's' has half the number of calories as Snapple - 56 calories versus 120 calories. Delia Hammock, R.D., Nutritionist: "A lot of the drinks that you see in the supermarket shelf they may look light and fruity, they may have organic or all-natural on the label, but they still can have a lot of calories."

Back to our quiz does 'Newman's Own Orange Mango' or 'Luna Nutritional Mandarin Iced Tea' have more calories?

Tester: "My guess would be that the 'Newman's Own' is more calories partly because the 'Luna' says that its 70-percent organic and that it's only 50 calories."

Right! 'Newman's Own' is larger. But also because of its sugar content has 5 times the calories as Luna - 260 versus 50.

But don't fret. You don't have to give up taste to get low calorie drinks. Just make sure you read the label. Also pay attention to serving sizes. Sometimes there's more than one serving in a bottle or can. So if you drink the whole thing, the calories add up.

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