Terrier mix serves as blind Husky's seeing-eye dog

Friday, March 22, 2013
Blind dog and his seeing-eye dog

Two dogs found wandering the streets of San Bernardino share an inseparable bond; one is blind, the other is his guide.

Animal welfare workers say Isaac is a blind Husky. And Isabella, a small Terrier mix, serves not only as his friend, but also as his seeing-eye dog.

"It's just really remarkable how she's always trying to be aware of where Isaac's at and if he's not right behind her, she'll stop and wait for him to catch up with her. It's really, really funny and just, like I've never seen anything like it before," said Lindsey Riggins with the Hermosa Animal Hospital.

The pair had been scheduled to be euthanized, but animal rescue group The Stand Foundation has stepped up to help find someone who can give both Isaac and Isabella a home together.

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