Study: Smartphones to blame for poor eyesight

Sunday, August 18, 2013
iPhone 4

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Children and young adults may be spending too much time staring at smartphone and tablet screens. According to a new study, it's harming their eyesight.

For many, smartphones are simply a constant necessity. But British researchers say the constant connection is causing vision problems.

Researchers say most people hold their cellphones about eight inches away. Compare that to newspapers and magazines, that are double that at 16 inches.

"Your eyes are capable of taking that strain, but it's just for how long they can take that strain for," Beverly Hills optometrist Dr. Jackson Lau said. "So what the eye tries to do we feel sometimes it becomes a little more nearsighted, so it's harder for you to see far away, and easier to see up close."

Researchers coined the term "screen-sighted" to reference a 35 percent increase in nearsightedness since smartphones launched in 1997.

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