PETA targets La Folie for allegedly selling foie gras

Friday, May 10, 2013
foie gras on a dinner plate A duck and a plate of foie gras The proposed ban on force feeding animals passed a major hurdle, but lawmakers had to make concessions. State Sen. John Burton thinks now is the right time to try to ban foie gras in California. The controversy over the production of foie gras is headed to court. A group of animal rights activists documents the operation at Californias only foie gras producer. In an act labeled as domestic terrorism, animal rights activists targeted a business over its use of foie gras.

PETA is targeting a San Francisco restaurant accused of selling foie gras, despite a statewide ban. An ABC7 News I-Team investigation this week revealed that La Folie was secretly selling foie gras.

La Folie gets its foie gras from Hudson Valley Foie Gras in New York which claims to be humane.

PETA claims the farm is still cruelly force-feeding the birds.

The organization has sent a letter to Roland Passot, the owner of La Folie telling him they will pursue legal avenues if they continue to violate California's ban on foie gras.

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