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Protesters look to disrupt sale of foreclosed home

Friday, March 09, 2012

Today, protesters trying to stop the sale of a foreclosed home are promising another day of disruption at the Alameda County courthouse.

About 100 demonstrators shouted, banged drums, and rattled noisemakers to drown out the voice of an auctioneer selling several homes. They were there yesterday to support Nell Myhand, a community activist who's been trying to get a loan modification for two years. The auctioneer moved about trying to find a quiet spot to conduct the sale. But he was constantly hounded by the group.

"They're trying to sell my home, which is fairly drastic, so I'm taking a drastic step to stop them," said Myhand.

After an hour of trying, the auctioneer finally gave up and postponed the sale until today. Myhand and the protesters vow to return and disrupt the auction again.

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