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Fire truck did not ignite Chevron refinery fire

Friday, August 17, 2012
Following last weeks massive fire, the Chevron refinery in Richmond is facing an even tougher sell than it was before. Questions surround truck in refinery fire investigation Chemical Safety Board inspectors Chemical Safety Board investigator examines Chevron refinery in Richmond Chemical Safety Board investigator

Cal/OSHA investigators are now officially ruling out the possibility that an idling fire truck ignited the Chevron refinery fire in Richmond.

Officials say the fire engine was equipped with an air intake shutoff device that detects airborne hydrocarbons. They say the shutoff valve would have prevented it from overheating and causing an explosion.

The area around the refinery was engulfed by fire and smoke on August 6. Health officials say more than 9,000 people went to emergency rooms for breathing problems that may have been caused by that smoke.


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