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Survivor of fatal yacht accident speaks out

Tuesday, April 17, 2012
Life vests were mandatory for the race, but safety tethers were optional. Fatal sailboat wreck near Farallon Islands Also among the missing is Alexis Busch, who was a bat girl for the San Francisco Giants Of the eight people on board Saturday, three were rescued, one was found dead and four remain missing.

For the first time, one of the survivors is speaking out after this weekend's deadly boating accident during a yacht race at the Farallon Islands.

Bryan Chong, a member of the crew for the boat that crashed, called "Low Speed Chase," wrote, "We'll spend years looking back on this weekend, asking questions that may never have answers. We ask for privacy for our families during this extremely difficult time of loss and profound sadness. Our thoughts and prayers are with those who were lost and their families."

Chong was one of the three members rescued. One person is confirmed dead and four more crew members are still missing. Marc Kasanin is the the one confirmed death. The missing, Alan Cahill, Alexis Busch, Elmer Morissey, and Jordan Fromm, are all presumed to have drowned.

Life vests were mandatory for every ship in the 105-year-old race, but safety tethers, which would have tied the crew to the vessel, were optional.


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