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SJSU representatives to discuss racial tensions with NAACP

Saturday, November 23, 2013
San Jose State University Rally held after three SJSU students charged with hate crime Students at San Jose State University

Four students at San Jose State University face misdemeanor charges after they're accused of bullying a black student. And now the NAACP wants the charges raised to felony imprisonment.

Prosecutors say the four white freshmen used racial slurs against the student, decorated rooms with Nazi images, put a bike lock around his neck, and blocked him inside his room.

The four have been charged with misdemeanor hate crime and battery. They're also suspended from the university.

A friend of the victim said he's glad they're not around, so his friend can re-focus on being young and going to class.

"He's a really nice kid," said Kyle Carbone, the victim's friend. "I wouldn't expect this to happen to him. I don't know anybody who would be his enemy, which is really sad. And I hate, I don't like everything he has to go through now. I just hope this whole thing will end sooner than later and he can just go back to doing his normal thing."

San Jose State officials will meet with the NAACP on Monday to discuss racial tensions on campus.

The school will also host a campus forum next month to discuss racial tolerance.

University president Mohammad Qayoumi, who denounced the incidents in a prepared statement on Thursday, issued another statement late Friday night. To read that statement in its entirety, click here.

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