Report: Double-dipping despite pension reform efforts

Saturday, September 22, 2012

New analysis by our media partner The San Jose Mercury News shows pension reform efforts are doing very little to address double-dipping, which is not illegal, but can cost communities big bucks. That's when retired public safety workers receive both a pension and a paycheck.

According to the San Jose Mercury News, former San Jose Police Chief William Lansdowne is one of the state's biggest beneficiaries of double-dipping. He's earning a total of $400,000 a year in retirement pay from San Jose, along with his salary as San Diego's police chief.

And he's not alone. Former Redwood City Police Chief Louis Cobarruviaz grossed $350,000 last year by double-dipping from a San Jose pension.

In Contra Costa County, retiring Clayton Police Chief Daniel Lawrence combined his salary with a Contra Costa County pension, earning a total of $282,000 last year.

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