49ers Owners Propose New Stadium Plans To Residents

Friday, June 08, 2007

The San Francisco 49ers are on offense tonight-- taking the plan to move the team out of the city--- straight to the people of Santa Clara and going door-to-door.

Can Francisco 49er owner, john York and his son Jed, are not sitting back, while waiting for Santa Clara's City Council to make a decision on whether to build a new football stadium.

They're taking their message directly to the residents of Santa Clara, 15 to 20 people at a time.

Jed York, Special Projects Manager: "When you can sit down and ask the owners of the team directly what are doing in Santa Clara. How are going to approach this problem, and you get an answer from the owners themselves, it's very powerful."

Members of the 49er organization say they've talked to well over 1,300 city residents about the stadium.

John York, San Francisco 49er Owner: "Sometimes they have questions that have come up, that are extremely interesting, that we need to go back and look at. They've helped us put the project together to have made it better."

But not everyone is impressed. Just this week, attorney Bryon Fleck and his organization, not with my money, officially requested the Santa Clara city council to put the stadium funding measure on the February 2008 primary ballot. Fleck say it will cost the city about $100,000 dollars.

Byron Fleck, opposes plan: "If the York's are asking for subsidy, which they are for a subsidy of 160 million dollars, $100,000 dollars for a chance to vote on that request is a pretty good bargain."

John York: "Vote or no vote, which is up to the city council not really up to us, still the people want to know what's going on."

The Santa Clara city council could take up Fleck's request at their next meeting, to be held June 19th.

To learn more about The door-to-door visits, read the back story.

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