Petaluma Little League

There has been a shocking turn of events for the Petaluma Little League All-Star team which made it to the Little League Baseball World Series last year.

Four members of the team were suspended for two days from Petaluma Junior High School after being accused of assaulting and bullying one of their teammates. The victim suffered bruising to the chest.

Even though the boys are no longer affiliated with the league, the board called an emergency meeting and says it will work to prevent future bullying.

Principal John Lehmann told the Press Democrat of Santa Rosa that the school doesn't consider the altercation to be bullying, which he considers to be intimidating behavior that continues over a prolonged period.

Hoever, the mother of the boy says the other children had been calling her son anti-gay names since last summer, when the Petaluma National Little League team placed third during the Little League World Series.

(The Associated Press contributed to this story.)

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