The Golf Mat

Ballerina golfer. "When you hit the ball right, it feels really good."


Tired of dents in your walls, worn spots in your carpet, and divots in your beautiful lawn? For dedicated 'swingers-at-homer', this is the best new product in a long time, and the finest mat we have ever used.

This practice mat gives at impact, due to a fiberglass composite spring below fairway length artificial turf, allowing a golfer to hit down properly on a ball, as if taking a divot. No sweeping. The company claims that these mats have life spans of more than 200-thousand swings, making them more durable than other brands, as well.

Besides, at $199, The Golf Mat will probably pay for itself in furniture saved, and arguments avoided.

I paired mine with a seven foot by seven foot Big Daddy Insta-Net from Izzo Golf. This $50 dollar item snapped together in minutes.

So, for roughly $200, or about the price of twenty large buckets, you can have a driving range in your backyard..

As an aside, this new 'range' produced an unexpected side benefit because my thirteen year-old daughter began using it. For many years, I have hoped, prayed, and implored her to 'get' golf, but the game always frustrated her.

Now, since setting up net and mat, Lauren has been a swinging demon who keeps the neighbors awake. Whack. Whack. Whack. "So what's with the golf? I thought you hated golf."

"You know, when you hit the ball right, it feels really good."

Those are the most beautiful words my daughter has ever uttered.

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