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Man pays property taxes in coins, dollar bills

Thursday, January 17, 2013

People normally write a check when paying their property taxes, but a down on his luck Northern California man took a different approach.

Larry Gasper of Redding drove to the tax office with $14,000 in change and dollar bills in the back of his SUV. He says he lost his tree business a couple of years ago, in part, because he couldn't pay his taxes. Gasper had to go to great lengths to collect the money.

"I had to borrow some money," Gasper said. "I've missed a few payments on my home to pay for my taxes for this piece of property. My grandkids' piggy banks, my daughters' piggy banks, my money , my change and a lot of people have offered to help a bit."

Gasper says he rolled all the money himself.

As you can imagine, it took staffers at the tax office a while to count, but they did it, all $14,000.

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