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Google ends trial run of transporting workers by ferry

Sunday, February 09, 2014
Google expanded its private ferry service for employees, adding a route from Alameda to Redwood City.

Google has ended a trial run of transporting workers to the company's Silicon Valley campus by water.

The San Francisco Chronicle reports that it's unclear whether the tech giant will continue the ferry service for its employees.

Google began a month-long trial run of ferry service from San Francisco's Ferry Building to Redwood City last month.

Last week, the company added a five day test run from Alameda's Harbor Bay.

The trial runs ended on Friday.

A port official says if Google does decide to put ferries back on the bay, it probably won't happen until summer

In recent months, Google has been at the center of a San Francisco controversy over private buses that several large tech companies use to transport workers to Silicon Valley. Some community members say the buses are congesting city bus stops, so the city recently voted to charge the companies for each stop the buses make.

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