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Our cold snap continues -- it's clear and very crisp out there, and temperatures are dropping.

It's cold, but the question is how cold? By Green Bay standards, not that cold. But it will be 48 degrees by kickoff Saturday night. And by our standards, yes, that's cold.

On a brisk some would say cold day like this, a day that some of us dared to call freezing, there were others, out-of-towners who heard the complaints and called San Franciscans soft.

Though, cold is a relative term. For those of us used to Mark Twain summers, yes, it's cold. For others used to Chicago winters, cold is 20 below zero.

But in San Francisco, cold is when you keep your hands and fingers in your pockets. Assuming you even have pockets. Cold is all the excuse we need to hug ourselves or pull out the parka.

Clearly, on this day, cold was a relative state of mind. A gentle reminder that we do call it winter for a reason.

We spent some time at the Dolphin Club, they swim out in the bay, even now in January. They say the water was 50 degrees, right on the borderline between cold and not so cold. The difference, they say, is if you get out of the water and you cannot talk, then it's cold. They were talking today.

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